Conflict Global Terror aka Global Storm - ISO

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Conflict Global Terror aka Global Storm - ISO

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Conflict Global Terror aka Global Storm - ISO

Conflict Global Terror aka Global Storm (ISO)

Two names - the same game:

Conflict: Global Terror (US)

Conflict: Global Storm (EU)

Tasked with locating and ultimately defeating a new force in global
terrorism, is a rapid response counter-terrorist unit made up of four
Gulf War veterans: Bradley, Jones, Connors and Foley.

The original heroes of Conflict: Desert Storm are back, this time
having undergone intense training in counter-terrorism and
counter-insurgency techniques, all added to their wealth of extensive
battlefield and special ops experience.

In ensuring the safety of the team Foley goes MIA and the team must
enlist the help of sniper Carrie Sherman. As the missions become more
deadly and the team start to uncover more of March 33's plans, it's
clear they face the greatest challenge of their careers to date.

* Stunning graphics with incredibly detailed characters and environments.

* Enemies with real intelligence - developed in conjunction with professional military advisors.

* Acclaimed intuitive squad control with direct command over the 4 operatives.

* All new physics engine with ultra-realistic rag-doll effects.

* The most varied Conflict gameplay yet, taking the fight to real political hotspots around the world.

Install notes:

Copy over the cracked file from the Crack dir on the ISO to your

installation directory.



Code: Conflict_Global_Storm.part01.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part02.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part03.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part04.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part05.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part06.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part07.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part08.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part09.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part10.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part11.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part12.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part13.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part14.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part15.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part16.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part17.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part18.rar Conflict_Global_Storm.part19.rar

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